Monday, January 30, 2012

Keyboard Magnet Letters

I recently pinned this photo on pinterest. The caption simply says "keyboard magnets. rip keys off old keyboards, hot glue magnets on the back" I thought it looked cute and cheap, so I tried it myself! Here's how I did it:

Supplies: an old keyboard, hot glue gun, circle magnets

Jake had an old keyboard that he hasn't used in years, so he told me I could tear it up, but I have seen used keyboards at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop for $2 each.

Instructions: flip over the keyboard and take out all the screws

If you've ever wondered, here is what the inside of a keyboard looks like. Hmmm...I wonder what I could make out of that cool clear rubbery stuff...

Looking at the back of the top piece, start popping the keys out.

Put a large bead of hot glue on a circle magnet.

Immediately press a key into the glue.

It's really that easy!

The only part of my fridge that is magnetic is the side, and the side is black, so the keys won't show up well. Instead of displaying them on my fridge, I put them on an old screen door that I haven't found a purpose for yet. To hold them up, I put another magnet behind the screen.

Here you can see the magnet "sandwich" with the screen. Now I have a purpose for that screen window, so I think I'll repaint it cream and hang it in my craft room.

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  1. That's my glue gun!!! No wonder I couldn't find it the last time I looked for it. I can't believe you took my glue gun! I want it back.